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Magic Mike Live - Las Vegas and Magic Mike Live - Miami are currently seeking male comedians for the role of MALE MC. Role description and submission instructions are below:

[MALE MC] Male, any ethnicity, 30s+. Gifted male comedian/stand-up/comic actor. Appears in the first ten minutes of the show only. The MALE MC gets the party started by kicking off the show and warming up the crowd. While he is genuinely funny in his interactions with the audience, he embodies the stereotypical tropes of a "male revue" - he is crass, crude, borderline misogynistic, all based in hyper-masculine ideals. His jokes should make the audience slightly uncomfortable. He represents everything that needs to be changed – and will be – in the course of the show. The FEMALE MC ends up stopping everything he is doing, takes the show over, and ousts him from the driver’s seat. Must be able to command the crowd from the top of the show, walking that fine line of edgy comedy and vulgarity. 

Contract Details - Las Vegas

-Must be a Las Vegas Local hire. 

-Show schedule: Monday, Tuesday - Dark. Wednesday - Sunday shows at 7:30pm &10pm. Performers are called to the theatre 30 minutes before first curtain. 

-Contract length: 1 year 

-Salary: $135 per performance ($1350/weekly based on a 10-show week)

-100% employer sponsored health plan

- PTO earned 1 PTO performance per 2 weeks worked. 

Male MC Submission Instructions - Las Vegas

Auditions will take place in person in Las Vegas on Friday, August 26, 2022 by appointment only. 

For an audition appointment please email with your picture and resume. You will be asked to perform these sides.

*please note, must be able to work as a Las Vegas Local Hire. We will not be relocating someone for this role.


Contract Details - Miami

-Must be a Miami Local hire. 

-Show schedule: Monday, Tuesday - Dark. Wednesday - 7:00pm. Thursday, Friday Sunday - 7:00pm and 9:30pm. Saturday - 7:00pm, 9:00pm, and 11:59pm.  Performers are called to the theatre 30 minutes before first curtain. 

-Contract length: 6 Months

Male MC Submission Instructions - Miami

First round auditions will take place via self tape. Any Miami based comedians are welcome to make a self tape using these sides

Self tape instructions: Please shoot from the waist up in front of a clean, well-lit background. Include a slate of your name, height, agency if you have one, and home city. If using a cell phone camera please shoot landscape. Please use an off-camera reader. Please upload your video, picture, and resume to this dropbox link no later than September 1, 2022. Please name files with your name and title of what it is (ex. "Joe Smith Audition, Joe Smth Resume") 

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